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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Janet's Special Gown

Take a look at this beautiful gown, handmade by the bride's great-grandmother.

Here’s what Janet, a bride who recently brought us her wedding dress to clean and preserve, has to say about us; “Shores Fine Dry Cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC has an excellent reputation in the area. Their experience with fine clothing, including wedding dresses and other formal dresses, gave me confidence that they would do a great job. Shores also cleaned my dress prior to my wedding as it had yellow spots, including a large darkened area from age, and they did an excellent job with it. My dress was whiter than when my mom wore it 30 years before!” Read about her wedding on our Association’s website; Real Bride Spotlight - Janet

Photographer Credit: Renee Saunders, Millie Holloman Photography