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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Professionally Laundered and Finished Bed Linens

You know how you feel when you slide into bed at a fine hotel?  The king size bed has a nice, firm mattress, covered in high-quality, all-cotton sheets and a natural-fiber bedspread.  And the biggest thing that sets all that apart from other hotels or even your bed at home – is that they professionally dry clean and press their linens.  I only wish I could find the words to describe the wonderful feeling of sliding into a bed made with professionally finished bed linens.  If the wonderful feeling isn’t enough, there are actually other benefits to having Shores professionally finish your bed linens.

•    Our cleaning systems are more powerful than any cleaning process done in the home, which ultimately translates to no residual dirt being left behind on your bed linens. 
•    While you sleep, your body loses fluid, oils, and dead skin cells, and traditional home laundering cannot remove all the oils.  Dry cleaning, however, easily dissolves grease stains.  When needed, we will first dry clean sheets to remove any oils, and then launder them in our high-quality detergents before pressing them.   
•    Once clean, our expert pressers press the sheets, which when done on a set of high thread count, high-quality sheets, and your preferred level of starch, produces a finish like nothing you can get at home.
•    We never add fragrance to our professionally finished sheets – doing so usually signifies that someone is trying to cover up something.
•    Sheets are folded into an 8" x 14" rectangle and returned to our customers in a reusable Shores tote.

A good night’s sleep makes all the difference in the world.  But don’t just take our word for it – many of our customers tell us that they cannot fall asleep on anything but professionally pressed linens.  If you’ve never had your bed linens dry cleaned, drop them off at one of our locations, and we will clean, press, and return them to you in 2 days. 


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